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Welcome to the Township of Rideau Lakes


Have you heard of Text 2? Text 2 is a new app that allows you to have Township information in the palm of your hand. If you have a smartphone you can now download the Township of Rideau Lakes’ app, free of charge, by simply texting “RIDEAULAKES” (no spaces) to 84748.

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came into effect on March 31, 2014.
For full details see the
Changes to Your 2014 Recycling Flyer (PDF)*.

* A printed copy of this flyer was recently mailed to residents

Township of Rideau Lakes - a World Heritage DestinationOn behalf of my Council Colleagues, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Township of Rideau Lakes Website. I am sure that you will find our Website informative, accessible and easy to use, providing you with instant information about the Township and the services it offers to its residents. I encourage you to visit our website regularly as changes take place within our Community.

The Township of Rideau Lakes is a progressive, growing community that offers a variety of year-round recreational activities and business opportunities. Our many lakes, parks and attractions provide enjoyment, as well as economic benefits to our residents, visitors and businesses. As we grow, we are committed to maintaining a strong infrastructure and superior customer service while protecting our environment, keeping in mind the interests of our residents and visitors.

If you have yet to visit the Township of Rideau Lakes, I extend to you my personal invitation to do so soon. If you live here, I encourage you to take an active interest in our thriving Community and to share in our vision for the future.

All the best to you and yours in 2014.

Ronald Holman

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United Counties of Leeds and Grenville
Counties Official Plan Being Developed

In accordance with recent amendments to Regulation 352/02 under the Planning Act, the Counties are required by the Province to adopt an Official Plan. The Official Plan is targeted for completion by March 2015. You can keep up to date on the Plan’s development and get involved via the Counties Official Plan website here:

The site contains all the materials, notices and supporting documents associated to the project. It will be updated as the project progresses. Questions about the Counties Official Plan, the public consultation process, how you or your stakeholder group can get involved, landowner concerns etc. should be directed to Mr. Sandy Hay at the United Counties at 1-800-770-2170 or by email:


On Monday June 2nd the Township was provided a recently published academic journal article which sampled groundwater in the Village of Portland. On receipt, the Township forwarded the article to the Medical Officer of Health at the Lanark Leeds and Grenville Health Unit. The Health Unit are the local experts in supporting safe drinking water. Given the wider public interest in safe drinking water, the Township is posting the article here - see Anthropogenic Impacts on a Bedrock Aquifer at the Village Scale (PDF). The Township will provide updates using this notice (below) as information becomes available.


QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS about drinking water should be directed to the Health Unit's Community Health Protection Department at 613-345-5685

UPDATE#1 - June 2nd 09:30 The Township will have a meeting with the Medical Officer of Health on June 3rd @ 2pm to review the article and its findings and gain direction on next steps.

UPDATE#2 - June 2nd 17:15 The Health Unit has verified there is no local higher incidence of reported health concerns related to drinking water. The Health Unit will be working with the Ministry of the Environment to review the research article's findings. The Health Unit is the contact for questions or to get information if you have concerns about well water. The Heath Unit number is 613-345-5685. The Health Unit is developing an information flyer. It will be available tomorrow. (Amended June 4th @ 2:10 at request of Health Unit to clarify data available)

UPDATE # 3 – June 4th 16:30 The Health Unit has released an Information Sheet. It can be accessed here: Drinking Water Safety Sheet (PDF). Township staff will be delivering the Information Sheet door to door to all residences and businesses in the village of Portland as defined in the Township Official Plan starting at 08:30 tomorrow (June 5th).

Update # 4 - June 6th 16:00 - The Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Stewart, advised that she had an opportunity to speak with one of the paper's authors this afternoon to review the paper. The discussion highlighted important details which provide context to the results and statements made in the paper. She noted the wells used in the paper to collect water samples were different from domestic wells. So the results are not strictly comparable. Further, data that the Health Unit has on wells that have been monitored extensively over the last several years in Portland show no bacterial contamination in the raw (untreated) water. The quality of water from a domestic well is highly dependant on how it is constructed and maintained. A detailed statement will be released next week.

Update # 5 - June 10th 16:00 - Dr. Stewart, the Medical Officer of Health, has released a statement following on her review of the matter with one of the paper's authors and the Ministry of the Environment. The statement can be read here. The Township continues to strongly encourage all residents on private wells, regardless of where they live, to develop and implement a regular well water testing program. Knowledge, testing and maintenance are the keys to supporting safe drinking water from privately owned wells. The Health Unit can be contacted at 613 345 5785 for advice and resources to assist residents in testing their water. See the June 10 Memo to Residents of Portland (PDF)

Update # 6 – June 23rd 13:00 – The following general question was asked. It was reviewed by Dr. Stewart and the response below was provided.

Q: "If I have tested my well water through the Health Unit and it has not come back with adverse results, is my well water safe to drink?"

A: The best way to assess if your water is safe to drink is to do repeated testing. So if you have been routinely testing your well water and the results are OK, and it comes back this time with no bacterial contamination then you can safely drink it. If this is the first time you are testing your well water, or if you have had an adverse result and made some adjustments, then the Public Health Unit recommends a series of three samples taken one to two weeks apart to determine your water quality and stability of your water supply. You can find more information at:

Update # 7 – July 9th 13:00 – Following from the July 7th meeting of Council, the Mayor and Council have asked the Ministry of the Environment, Queen’s University and the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit to provide a thorough review of all past and ongoing research, culminating in a joint report, and to engage with the public in this regard. A copy of the letter sent to those parties can be read here: Letter from Mayor Ron Holman - July 7, 2014 (PDF).

Statement from the Medical Officer of Health – June 4th, 08:30

Dear Mayor Holman,

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is pleased to provide guidance to the Rideau Lakes Council in response to a recent research paper on the bedrock aquifer in and around Portland. We will be providing a fact sheet on well water and septic system safety that can be distributed to the residents. Residents can also obtain information about well water from the Health Unit website at The Health Unit will also review the research paper with the Ministry of the Environment and one of the authors of the research paper, and will prove further clarification of the implications of the research to yourself and Rideau Lake's residents. To put the paper into context we will review other information that is available about the quality of the well water in Portland. Residents can also review the water sampling results of their own wells to assess its water quality history. We will continue to work with Council to ensure the residents have the information they need to ensure their well water is safe to drink.

Dr. Paula Stewart
Medical Officer of Health
Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit June 3, 2014


You can now find listings of businesses in the Township of Rideau Lakes by using our new Business Directory. Business owners can also register their own business.

See the Business Directory Page


Notice is hereby given to the Municipal Electors of The Township of Rideau Lakes that nomination papers for the 2014 Municipal Election may be filed in person or by an agent with the Returning Officer as of January 2, 2014 up to Thursday, September 11, 2014 at the Clerk’s Office during regular office hours and on Nomination Day, Friday, September 12, 2014 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

For full details please see the 2014 Municipal Election Page.

Council Thanks Our Volunteers

Council would like to Thank the numerous people who commit their time and effort in Volunteering for the many Committees and Projects within Rideau Lakes Township. You, as a Volunteer show everyday through your actions, that you truly care about the area in which you live. Volunteering can be very time consuming or may be just a few minutes here and there, but every time someone takes the time to lend a hand, it is reducing the work load for everyone involved. Council would like to say Thank You for your time, energy, knowledge, generous support and for enriching the Community in which you live and the Township of Rideau Lakes as a whole.

After Hours Reporting Service

After hours number: 1-877-798-5725. Not for general inquiries or emergencies (call 9 1 1 for emergencies). Click the number for details about how to use it

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