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Each household is entitled to place 5 bags of recycling material out each week for FREE (no bag tag required). All recycling material must be properly sorted, CLEAN, in a clear blue bag, tied and weigh less than 40 lbs. Cans should be crushed and plastics should be flattened when possible. All cardboard boxes must be flattened. You may bundle and tightly tie your cardboard, newspapers & magazines (no bag required), however you may only recycle bundles the size of a regular waste bag (26″ x 36″) and only up to 5 bundles (equivalent to 5 bags). If your bundle is too large it will not be collected.

Note: Recycling material is collected on alternating weeks. Check your Township Calendar for the schedule at the beginning of each week or download this colour-coded Recycling Calendar for easy reference.

Plastics/metal containers are collected one week, while paper/cardboard/boxboard is collected the next week.

All Styrofoam is waste, regardless if it has a symbol and number on it. Put all Styrofoam items (plates, cups, trays, blocks, peanuts, etc.) in your waste bag.

The recycling industry in general, is experiencing high levels of contamination amongst many contractors (Municipalities), and Rideau Lakes is no exception. “Contamination” in the form of non-recyclable items in the recycling bin and items with food debris on/in them is becoming a major issue.

With many changes being made province-wide, this comes at a time when recycling facilities are demanding higher quality recycling (clean, acceptable) with stronger policies.


Plastics #1-7 (including but not limited to):

  • Water/pop/juice bottles
  • butter/margarine/yogurt tubs
  • plastic egg cartons
  • plastic bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, ibuprofen, lotion, liquid soap, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, peanut butter, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry soap, disinfectant wipes, etc.)
  • milk/juice/soup cartons
  • tetra packs/drink boxes
  • foil drink pouches.

Non-Recyclable Items

These items cannot be included with your recycling materials:

  • Household items
    • hangers
    • storage totes
    • shelving
    • trays
    • toys
    • picture frames
    • laundry baskets
    • baskets
    • bowls
    • folding chairs
    • fans
    • ornaments/decorations
  • School/Office items
    • rulers
    • pens/markers/crayons
    • pencil cases
    • binders
    • file holders
    • staplers
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • plastic strings
  • Home Improvement items
    • vents
    • sockets
    • light switch covers
    • plastic lamp shades/lights
    • hooks
    • piping
    • power tools
    • hand tools (eg. saw, screwdrivers)
  • Outdoor/Garden items
    • hoses
    • chairs
    • garden ornaments/decorations
  • Hygiene items
    • combs/brushes
    • deodorant containers
    • toothpaste tubes
    • toothbrushes
    • razors
    • tubes for face/hand cream
    • pill packs for medication
    • pouches for baby wipes
    • feminine product wrappers
    • air fresheners
  • Make-up Containers
    • lip stick tubes
    • mascara tubes
    • eyeshadow containers
    • blush compacts
    • foundation/concealer pumps and compacts
    • eyeliner pencils
    • lip chap tubes/containers.
  • Small Appliances
    • coffee maker
    • tea kettle
    • blender
    • hand/stand mixers
    • bread machines
    • panini/sandwich press
  • Hard Rigid Packaging
    • from a new flashlight
    • battery packaging
  • Plastic Wrap Packaging
    • from cheese
    • cold meats
    • baking goods
    • fruits & vegetables
  • Cellophane Wrap
    • basket wrap
    • flower bouquet wrap
  • Polyethylene items
    • internal food bags from cereal & cracker boxes,
    • cake/brownie mixes
    • bubble wrap
    • film wrap
    • sandwich bags
    • bread bags
    • pet food bags
  • Utensils/implements
    • straws
    • stir sticks
    • spoons
    • forks
    • knives
    • measuring cups
    • baking spoons
    • drinking cups
  • Styrofoam items
    • cups
    • plates
    • trays
    • take out containers
    • packing blocks
    • peanut packaging
  • Other Packaging
    • most coffee pods
    • paper bags with a plastic liner
    • chip bags
    • granola bar wrappers
    • chocolate bar wrappers
    • candy packaging
    • paper towel
    • Kleenex & toilet paper outer packaging
    • most grocery bags
    • lettuce bags
  • Plastic items that are black in colour
  • Dirty containers

The above listed items must go in your waste bag. If they are included, the loads are considered contaminated and will be rejected (and go as waste).

All recycling must be clean. Liquid and food are not recyclable. Please ensure all recycling containers are rinsed and clean.

Metal & Aluminum

Including but not limited to:

  • Clean aluminum food trays (pie plates, take out, etc.)
  • Clean aluminum foil (no food debris)
  • Clean metal & aluminum cans (soup, pasta, soft drink, energy drink
  • Canned meat
  • Vegetables
  • Pet food
  • etc.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Lids must be removed. Including but not limited to:

  • pickles
  • olives
  • cheez whiz
  • salsa
  • sauces
  • jam
  • etc.

Paper, Cardboard & Boxboard

No bag tag required. Including but not limited to:

  • Newspapers
  • flyers
  • magazines & catalogues
  • telephone books
  • paper towel & toilet paper tubes
  • cardboard egg cartons
  • corrugated cardboard (flatten)
  • boxboard boxes
    • cereal
    • crackers
    • cake mixes
    • Kleenex
    • pasta
    • toothpaste
    • chocolate
    • candy boxes
  • soft covered books
  • hard covered books (covers removed)
  • envelopes & printer/copier paper.

All recycling must be clean and flattened. Items that are not recyclable and go in the waste include – heavily waxed or coated boxes, shiny or sparkly gift bags, mixed content containers with both cardboard & metal (e.g. pringle chip tubes & coffee canisters), used and dirty paper products such as tissues, paper towels and serviettes.

Remove the inner plastic bag/liner from inside cereal and cracker boxes & put the liners in the waste. All cardboard/boxboard must be flattened. You may bundle and tightly tie your cardboard, newspapers & magazines (no bag required), however you may only recycle bundles the size of a regular waste bag (26” x 36”) and only up to 5 bundles (equivalent to 5 bags). If your bundle is too large it will not be collected.