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The Treasury Department is responsible for the development and implementation of financial control for all operations within the Township of Rideau Lakes in accordance with the form required by law and accounting standards. The Treasury Department prepares and compiles annual departmental budgets in conjunction with Department Heads.

All Council and Committee meetings are open to the Public.

2019 Budget Deliberations Meeting Schedule

2019 Budget

2018 Tax Rates Summary

Treasurer’s Report re 2019 Budget

DRAFT 2019 Budget Version 1

10 Year Financial Sustainability Plan DRAFT

2019 Approved Budget-Summary by Fund

2019 Approved Budget-Summary by Fund, By Account Groups

2019 Approved Budget-Summary by Fund, Detail by Object Acct

2019 Approved Budget by Department

2018 Budget

Revised 2018 Budget – August 7, 2018
2018 Municipal Operating Budget
2018 Municipal Capital Budget

2017 Budget

2017 Municipal Operating Budget
2017 Municipal Capital Budget