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Volunteers on Committees of Council

The Department of Community and Leisure Services has many volunteers who are appointed as members of Committees of Council.

You may recognize some of the following names.

If you want to become involved, please contact any of these representatives listed below or call Sue Dunfield at the Township offices. 1-800-928-2250 Ext 238

Township of Rideau Lakes Beautification Committees and Contacts

  California Sue Alford 613-359-6309
  Chaffey's Locks Rob Butcher 613-454-5202
  Chantry Ginny Okum 613-928-2095
  Crosby Linda Carr 613-272-2227
  Delta Cathy Livingston 613-928-2796
  Elgin Linda Carr 613-272-2227
  Forfar Peggy Bond 613-272-2252
  Harlem Darlene Magee 613-802-3482
  Jones Falls Ron Dobson 613-359-5786
  Lombardy Jeff Banks 613-800-2790
  Morton Linda Gamble 613-387-3799
  Newboro Keitha Burtch 613-272-3247
  North Crosby Jackie Carruthers 613-273-7492
  Philipsville Anna Greenhorn 613-359-5847
  Plum Hollow Evelyn Knapp 613-924-2172
  Portland Connie Cochran 613-272-6747
  Rideau Ferry Jane Graham 613-283-0344

Township of Rideau Lakes Hall Board Chairpersons

and Rental Contacts

Chaffeys Locks Community Hall
    Chair: Dave Brown 613-359-5466
    Booking Agent: Catherine Carbino 613-777-8080

Elgin Municipal Complex
    Chair: Linda Carr 613-272-2227
    Booking Agent: Nicole Halladay 613-340-7029

Morton Community Hall
    Chair: Ken Davies 613-387-3871
    Booking Agent: Linda Gamble 613-387-3799

Newboro Community Hall
    Chair: Keitha Burtch 613-272-3247
    Booking Agent: Wenda Lyons 613-217-0003

Portland Community Hall
    Chair: Rick Long 613-272-2188
    Booking Agent: Don Burchill 613-272-2761

South Elmsley Municipal Complex
    Chair: Jeff Banks 613-800-2790
    Booking Agent: Rob Stoddard 613-283-0632

North Crosby community Hall
    Chair: Pat Grundy 613-273-3031
    Booking Agent: Jim Mullville 613-273-3008

Old Delta Fire Hall Museum
    Chair: Jeff Findlay 613-924-9977

Township of Rideau Lakes Recreation/ Parks/ Events Committee Contacts

Bastard and South Burgess Ward
Portland and Area Recreation Committee (PARC)
Chair: Anders Carson 613-272-3354 or
Delta Athletic Recreation Society (DARS)
Chair: Pat Phillips 613-928-2712 or

Village of Newboro
Newboro Recreation/Parks/Events Committee
Chair: Kim Greer 613-272-2695 or

North Crosby Ward
North Crosby Recreation/Parks/Events Committee
Chair: Russell Pchajek 613-273-7551 or

South Crosby Ward
South Crosby Recreation/Parks/Events Committee (SCRC)
Chair: Claire Gunnewiek 613-359-5324 or

South Elmsley Ward
Lombardy Recreation/Parks/Events Committee
Chair: Currently available  

Seniors Special Events Committee
Two members from each Seniors Club in the Township sit on this committee to plan special events for our mature members. If you want to be involved, speak to your club president.

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