February 23

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Rideau Lakes Cup RACE RESULTS


25 Mile Rideau Cup Sled Dog Event

1st Anny Malo 1:40.53
2nd Kris Sampson 1:43.34
3rd Keri Buttle 1:56.21
4th Normand Sampson 1:56.32
5th Shane Cox 2:10.03
6th Frank Horn 2:10.27
7th Allen Stein 2:21.00
8th Chris Macluckie 2:25.27
9th Rod Klassen 2:46.40

Kris Sampson was the Volunteers Choice Winner and won a handmade sleigh from Moore’s Dog Sleds in Perth

Anny Malo - photo by Ken W. Watson
2013 Winner, Anny Malo

4 mile Skijoring Event

1st Cindy Lottes 29:12
2nd Stephen Edmonds 40:34
3rd Jenny Rollinson 44.54
4th Kathy Webb 45:18
5th John Healey 48:26
6th Lenora Scriver 1:24:22

Cindy Lottes - photo by Ken W. Watson
2013 Winner, Cindy Lottes

Note: Races were not run in 2010, 2011, and 2012 due to weather


25 Mile Rideau Cup Sled Dog Event
(day 2 was cancelled due to trail conditions)

1st Marco Rivest 1:41.42
2nd Janvier Beaudois 1:42.20
3rd Yanick Bordeleau 1:46.08
4th Shane Cox 2:12.18
5th Frank Horn 2:26.04
6th Duane Ramsey 2:32.27
7th Lyn Cheffins 2:40.50
8th Kiara Brintnell 2:41.10
9th Derek Stein 2:45.16
10th Michel Gauthier 3:07.35

Three teams did not finish:
Diane Marquis, Michel Roy and our 1st place winner from last year - Anny Malo.

Photo by: Ken W. Watson
2009 Winner, Marco Rivest

10 Km Skijoring Event

1st Cari-Lynn McSorley 25:27
2nd Dave Meisenheimer 25:29
3rd Paul Harding 26:24
4th Heather Adeney 29:31
5th Susannah Kelly 32:25
6th Muriel Ovender 34:00
7th Graham Withers 34:06
8th Jenna Logan 34:30
9th James Logan 35:19
10th Sasha Fernardo 38:28
11th Anne O'Donnel 39:34
12th Heather Haroing 53:09
13th John Healey 62:25
14th Andrea MacIntyre 69:03

And there were four participants who raced one day only:

Saturday Only: Tanya Wolfe 17:37, James Samson 18:42 and Ron Jeffrey 19:12

Sunday Only: Mark Ovender 26:43

Kid & Mutt Race

We had twelve participants in this event.

Logan Eves (winner of the draw for a hand made sled by Moores Dog Sleds)

Brandon Leadbeater, Lilly Bedore, Nicholas Dickson, Evan Carroll, Kersten Leadbeater, Tristan Rivest, Elliot Rivest, Mya Steenbakkers, Jarred Patterson, Landon Steenbakkers, Shauna Taggart and Dawson Patterson.

Anny Malo heads for the finish line.  Photo by: Ken W. Watson
2008 Winner, Anny Malo

2008 Standings:

50 Mile Rideau Cup Sled Dog Event

1st Anny Malo @ 3.04.02
2nd Marco Rivest @ 3.07.51
3rd Jonathan Bordeleau @ 3.10.51
4th Pierre Messier @ 3.15.39
5th Robin Gratton @ 3.18.53
6th Matthieu Lessard @ 3.26.44
7th Todd Sullivan @ 3.41.53
8th Francois Maurice @ 3.58.30
9th Gavin Baker @ 3.57.14
10th Duane Ramsay @ 4.11.34

5 Km Skijoring Event

1st James Sansan @ 15.19
2nd Marcel Garneau @ 15.51
3rd Lisa Routhier @ 21.47
4th Lynn McGlashan @ 29.37
5th Jennifer Brownrigg @ 29.38

Kid & Mutt Race

Participants included children as young as 3 years of age to 12 year olds. Our winner was Shawna Taggart, 5 years of age.

We had a total of 14 youngsters try this exciting sport.

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