Rideau Lakes Cup Dog Sled Races, Newboro, Ontario

2009 Skijoring Races

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For skijoring, any breed of dog is fine

Cari-Lynn McSorley applies some Bag Balm to her dog's feet

Home away from home

Jenna Logan gets ready to start the Skijoring race

Jenna Logan is off

Jenna Logan is off on Day 2

Graham Withers races out of the start

Graham Withers head down the trail

Kids at these events tend to be self-entertaning

Sasha Fernardo races past some younger fans

Sasha Fernardo heads down the trail

John Healey's dog isn't quite sure which way to go

And we're still not sure which way to go

Ron Jeffrey races down the trail

Cari-Lynn McSorley gets tangled up at the start

Cari-Lynn McSorley races off

Cari-Lynn McSorley's dogs scream down the track

Cari-Lynn McSorley speeds down the track

Cari-Lynn McSorley gets ready to go on Day 2

Some of the audience keeping warm

James Samson heads out

James Samson races down the trail

Heather Haroing heads off (sort of)

No no - we're going the other way

Maybe if I loop my lead around your legs

Okay - ski over lead, lead under leg and we'll be all set

Come on Heather - what's the hold-up - I want to go!

Now I get it - run down the trail - I can do that

Oh look!  Photographers!

I wonder what a lens tastes like?

It's Day 2 for Heather Haroing.  Of course my dog is going to be much better behaved today

Come on Heather - let's go!!

If I loop the lead around you really fast ...

And the dog wins again!

Mark Ovenden and another race course challenged canine

Mark Ovenden works to sort out harness and leads

Jenna Logan heads to the finish - doggies still in high gear

Oh look!  Other dogs

James Logan heads off

James Logan with dogs at full run

Graham Withers returns with a happy and exhausted dog

Graham Withers heads to the finish

Tanya Wolff heads down the trail

Cari-Lynn McSorley heads home with Sasha Fernardo following

Sasha Fernardo heads home

Andrea MacIntyre is off (slowly)

You want me to run?  How about brisk walk?

Dave Meisenheimer heads out

Dave Meisenheimer and dog are in sync.

Heather Adeney heads off

Susannah Kelly races off

James Samson and dogs return on parallel trails

Anne O'Donnel faces the disadvantage of non aerodynamic dog ears

Anne O'Donnel heads down the trail

Muriel Ovenden is off to a fast start

John Healey heads home at a walk

Paul Harding roars off down the trail

James Logan heads for the finish

Dave Meisenheimer and Heather Haroing head home

Can I race again?  Can I - Can I - Can I !!

Such interesting smells

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