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Waterfront Development
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Waterfront development accounts for a majority of the development activity in the Township. Due to the sensitive nature of permitting development in close proximity to waterbodies, the Township has adopted a number of application processes and policies to ensure the long term protection of this important environment while permitting an appropriate amount of development for private land owners. Click here for our Waterfront Official Plan Policies.

All development adjacent to any waterbody must be setback a minimum of 30 metres (100 ft) from the high water mark. Some exceptions to this are permitted such as marine facilities, decks, and swimming pools. The Accessory Uses (Section 3.1) section of the Zoning Bylaw should be referred to for specific regulations for these types of structures. In addition to the setbacks from the water, other regulations such as lot coverage and floor space index may impact development on the waterfront as well. Click here for a full description of Waterfront Zoning Regulations.

All development within 100 metres of a waterbody, regardless of whether the development meets all zoning regulations, must receive Site Plan Control approval unless the development is less than 30m2 (320ft2). Site Plan Control for waterfront development reviews issues such as drainage, septic system location, visual impact, protection of natural features, slope stability, erosion potential, and preservation of shoreline vegetation.

Any development that cannot comply with the Zoning Bylaw regulations for waterfront development must receive a Minor Variance prior to commencing construction. Minor Variance and Site Plan Control applications can be applied for simultaneously.

Under Provincial regulation 148/06, all development within 150m of a waterbody in the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority area must receive a Development Permit or a letter stating no permit is necessary prior to the Township being able to issue a Building Permit. The CRCA area of the Township includes the entire Rideau system south of Newboro as well as Lower and Upper Beverly Lakes. Permit information can be found at

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