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Septic Reinspection Program

Township Council through consultation with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and the Planning Advisory Committee had previously adopted a schedule to guide the Septic Reinspection Program in the years 2007-2015 through a voluntary approach. This schedule was intended to ensure that all lakes were inspected in the Township while ensuring that the inspections can be accomplished in an efficient and cost effective manner.

In order to facilitate this program all lakes in the Township have been divided into Primary, Secondary and Undeveloped Lakes as follows:

Primary Lake Secondary Lake Undeveloped Lake
Big Rideau Lake Little Crosby Lake Crowe Lake (South Crosby)
Upper Rideau Lake Westport Sand Lake Hart Lake (South Crosby)
Lower Rideau Lake Bellamy Lake Grady Lake (North Crosby)
Crosby Lake Troy Lake Spectacle Lake (North Crosby)
Wolfe Lake Pike Lake Tommy Lake (North Crosby)
Lower Beverley Lake Mill Pond Canton Lake (South Burgess)
Upper Beverley Lake   Little Lake (South Crosby)
Bass Lake   Mud Lake (South Crosby)
Otter Lake    
Newboro/Loon Lake    
Whitefish Lake    
Sand Lake    
Opinicon Lake    
Benson/Mosquito Lake

In 2015, for 2016 and onwards, Township Council implemented a hybrid approach to the septic program which includes 100 mandatory inspections and up to 50 voluntary inspections annually.  The mandatory program is completed by the Mississippi Rideau Septic System Office and the voluntary program is completed by the Development Services Department at the Township.  The lakes chosen to participate through this program will be added by Council Resolution annually.


Below is a breakdown of all lakes per year that have participated in the program:

2008 Big Rideau Lake, Crosby Lake, Clear/Indian/Benson/Mosquito Lake, Lower Rideau Lake, Bellamy
2009 Big Rideau Lake, Wolfe Lake, Whitefish Lake, Lower Beverly Lake, Mill Pond
2010 Big Rideau Lake, Newboro/Loon Lake, Sand Lake, Upper Beverly Lake, Little Crosby
2011 Big Rideau Lake, Opinicon Lake, Otter Lake, Bass Lake, Westport Sand
2012 Big Rideau Lake, Upper Rideau Lake, Troy Lake, Pike Lake
2013 Benson, Clear, Crosby, Indian, Mosquito and Wolfe
2014 Bellamy, Whitefish, Lower Beverley, Newboro/Loon and Big Rideau
2015 Bass, Benson, Big Rideau, Crosby, Indian, Lower Beverley, Otter and Upper Rideau
2016 Westport Sand Lake and Upper Rideau Lake
2017 Westport Sand Lake and Upper Rideau Lake


2017 Septic System Inspection Report

2016 Septic System Inspection Report


2015 Septic System Inspection Report (PDF File750K PDF file)

2011 Septic System Inspection Report (PDF File550K PDF file)

2009 Septic System Inspection Report (PDF File200K PDF file)

2008 Septic System Inspection Report (PDF File340K PDF file)

2007 Septic System Inspection Report (PDF File310K PDF file)

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