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1.1            Purpose 


The Code of conduct for the Building Officials (the “code”) is enacted in accordance with Section 7.1 of the Ontario Building Code Act, 1992 as amended (the ‘Act”). The purpose of the code is as follows:


1.      To promote appropriate standards of behavior and enforcement actions by the Chief Building Official( the CBO) and inspectors in the exercise of a power or the performance of a duty under the Act or Building Code.

2.      To prevent practices which may constitute an abuse of power, including unethical or illegal practices, by the CBO and inspectors in the exercise of a power or the performance of a duty under the Act or building code; and

3.      To promote appropriate standards of honesty and integrity in the exercise of a power or the performance of a duty under the Act or Building Code by the CBO and inspectors.


1.2            Application


The code applies to the Township of Rideau Lakes (the corporation) CBO and inspectors and is in addition to the provision of the Township’s code of conduct for employees’ policy and the workplace harassment/discrimination prevention policy and compliant procedure.


Expected standards of behavior and performance of duties


The expected standard of behavior and performance of duties of the CBO and Inspectors are as follows;


1.      Promote the safety of buildings with reference to public health, fire protection, structural sufficiency, conservation and environmental integrity, and barrier free accessibility.

2.      Apply the Act and the Building Code impartially, without influence, and in accordance with all applicable legislation.

3.      Perform their duties within their respective area of qualification obtained under the Act.

4.      Perform duties with due diligence, honesty and integrity.

5.      Extend professional courtesy to all

6.      Keep up to date on current building practices through continuous education.

7.      Manage confidential and sensitive information in accordance with all relevant legislation and the Townships guidelines and policies.



Allegations of breaches of the code


        Contraventions of the Code are a serious matter to the Township and will be dealt with as such. The CBO will review all allegations against inspectors. Allegations made against the CBO will be reviewed by the manager of the department.


           Upon review of the allegations, either the CBO (in the case of complaints against an inspector) or the manager of the dept may determine an appropriate informal course of action which will effectively resolve the complaint.


          If a complaint is not resolved informally or if an informal resolution is not appropriate, the CBO or the Manager of the dept, as the case may be, will follow the formal complaint procedure guidelines enumerated in the Townships Code of conduct for all employees’ policy. These formal compliant procedure guidelines shall be followed with respect to the investigation of the compliant; the making of findings, and /or disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, the following


a)      an apology

b)      counseling

c)      education/training

d)      warning

e)      suspension/leave without pay

f)        demotion

g)      transfer

h)      termination of employment

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