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Cycling Routes

The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee of the Township of Rideau Lakes has put together several cycling routes of the township, to allow you to get out, enjoy a bike ride, and view some of the wonderful heritage we have to offer.

Routes 1 to 9 start from the Old Stone Mill in Delta. Routes 10 to 14 start at either Crosby or Newboro. Distances and road conditions are noted for each route.

These self-guiding tours are provided below as PDF files. Most are on 2 pages, so that they can be printed double sided on one piece of paper. Print them out and take them along on your journey of discovery:

Tours on your Smartphone
Tours on your Smartphone: These tours plus our cycling tours are available as a free MyTOURS App for any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. For links to the app see: or do a search for "Rideau" in your app store. Once downloaded to your device the tours can be used offline.

bbCycle Route 1
   Delta - Stone House Route (50 km, 50% gravel)

bbCycle Route 2
   Delta - Charleston - Athens - Plum Hollow Route (55 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 3
   Delta - Mallorytown - Athens - Plum Hollow Route (90 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 4
   Delta - Jones Falls - Lyndhurst Route (46 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 5
   Delta - Lake Eloida - Oak Leaf Route (52 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 6
   Delta - Rideau Ferry Route (77 km, mixed paved & gravel)

bbCycle Route 7
   Delta - Eight Lakes Route (97 km, mostly paved)

bbCycle Route 8
   Delta - Upper Beverley Lake Route (23 or 30 km, mostly gravel)

bbCycle Route 9
   Delta - Forgotten Ontario Route (76 km, 10% gravel)

bbCycle Route 10
   Crosby - Glen Tay Route (80 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 11
   Newboro - Narrows Route (30 km, mixed paved & gravel)

bbCycle Route 12
   Newboro - Lanark Route (120 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 13
   Newboro - Parham Route (104 km, paved)

bbCycle Route 14
   Newboro - Sunbury Route (95 km, paved)

When is the best time to cycle? Well, anytime from the beginning of May to the end of October. Spring brings an explosion of vegetation and wildlife, summer brings warm sunny days and autumn brings the fall colours. Local cyclists often prefer fall cycling, enjoying the cooler days and the beautiful colours of the leaves.

Month Daytime High Hours of Bright Sunshine Rainfall
May 19.0°C (66°F) 240 75 mm (3.0 in.)
June 23.3°C (74°F) 260 77 mm (3.0 in.)
July 26.3°C (80°F) 290 80 mm (3.1 in.)
August 24.7°C (76°F) 258 94 mm (3.7 in.)
September 19.9°C (68°F) 185 98 mm (3.8 in.)
October 13.1°C (56°F) 150 81 mm (3.2 in.)

Please note that the Heritage Advisory Committee of the Township of Rideau Lakes has made every effort to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate and is to be used as an information source only. We welcome new information as it becomes available and will consider refining details in future publications. We cannot be liable for any injuries, inconvenience or financial loss that may occur to persons participating in this tour. Please be advised that our walking, driving and bicycling routes are not maintained exclusively by the Township of Rideau Lakes. Accordingly, the Township of Rideau Lakes does not take responsibility for the condition of said route or paths. Please enjoy your travels along our county highways and byways. Please use courtesy and common sense when traveling our Heritage Routes. Please help us preserve our World Heritage and Biodiversity privilege and responsibility.

These cycling routes have been prepared by Doug Bond on behalf of the Township of Rideau Lakes' Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee. Maps, GPS proofing and document formatting by Ken Watson.

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