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The Township of Rideau Lakes is a progressive, rural municipality with deep historical roots. Boasting the Old Stone Mill National Historic Site in Delta and six lock stations of the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rideau Lakes is not only a destination for generations to enjoy, but also home to a large number of residents.  Rideau Lakes includes a number of villages and hamlets, each with its own identity. Progressive rural governance is the goal of Council, and innovation and entrepreneurial efforts are celebrated.

Located within the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

Map of the Township of Rideau Lakes

Location Map

Map of the Township of Rideau Lakes

Quick Facts (2016 Census Data)

  • Population 10,325
  • Households 4,425
  • Area 729 square km (281.4 square miles)
  • Roads 521 km (324 miles)
  • Shoreline 840 km (522 miles)
  • Lakes 30
  • Waterfront Properties 5,257


Formed in 1998 by the amalgamation of 5 Townships:

  • Bastard & South Burgess
  • South Elmsley
  • South Crosby
  • North Crosby
  • Newboro

These names still appear as Wards:

  • Ward of Bastard & South Burgess
  • South Elmsley Ward
  • South Crosby Ward
  • Ward of North Crosby/Newboro


Council consists of 2 Councillors elected in each Ward and 1 Mayor elected at-large for a total of 9.

Daffodil Capital of Ontario

Image of a sign

Some History

In the fall of 1999, one family planted daffodils along Freeland Road, Portland, to bloom for the Millennium. In 2010, the Joint Beautification Sub-Committee of the Township of Rideau Lakes launched “The Daffodil Project – Making Rideau Lakes the Daffodil Capital of Ontario by 2015”.  Hundreds of residents embraced the Project and began planting daffodils throughout the Township.


In May of 2015, the Township of Rideau Lakes was officially proclaimed the “Daffodil Capital of Ontario”.


Each fall, residents, beautification committees and school children plant thousands of daffodil bulbs in gardens, in public spaces, along roadsides and fence lines.

Each spring, from approximately April 25 to May 15, the daffodils show their golden blooms everywhere in the Township.


Take the Daffodil Days Tour

Drive or cycle to special daffodil viewing locations during blooming time and enjoy masses of these gorgeous harbingers of Spring. Daffodil Days Brochure

Submit a Location

Do you know where there is an awesome display of daffodils each spring?  Send the address or location description to Leila Ext. 238 for inclusion in the Daffodil Days Tour brochure.  Daffodil photos are also welcome.

Plant daffodils

Purchase bulbs in the fall from the local retailers or the Township Office and Get Your Feet Dirty – Plant Daffodils.

Rideau Lakes Flag

Rideau Lakes Flag

The Township flag’s light blue field represents our many lakes. The green is the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, anchored at either end by the Old Stone Mill, National Historic Site, and the Rideau Canal, UNESCO World Heritage Site; and displaying a daffodil in the center.  The shield portrays the 5 original townships:  North Crosby at the top, Newboro with its blockhouse on a red field, the maple tree of South Elmsley on a blue field, the Seaman house in Bastard & South Burgess on a yellow field, and finally the 4-part logo of South Crosby which includes the locks at Chaffeys. The shield is bracketed by symbols of our 2 main industries:  tourism and farming. The loon, of course, is the symbol of our Township and “An Experience to Remember” on the banner is our brand.  Together, the parts represent the Township of Rideau Lakes.

Flags are available in 2 sizes for purchase at the Municipal Office.

2’X4′ – $30  or 12″X18″ – $12.

Welcome Package

Are You a New Resident?

The Township of Rideau Lakes Municipal Office (1439 County Road 8 in the hamlet of Chantry) has a “Welcome Package” available at Reception.  1-800-928-2250 Ext. 223

Filled with information on local attractions, businesses, events and more, it is available for the asking. Can’t find the information you are looking for?  Contact Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator.  1-800-928-2250 Ext. 238